CWM Recovery for Lava Xolo A500 [Updated with English Version]

lava cwm

This is the only working CWM Recovery for Lava Xolo A500 smartphone. It is currently in Chinese language, but don’t worry, we will soon reward you with a translated version as many Devs are working on it. We’ve got you a fully working CWM Recovery 6 in English language itself. No more fiddling in Chinese. Credit for this goes to AGILFM from Kaskus Forums. See screenshots from the CWM :


So, here it goes how to install CWM in Lava Xolo A500 :

Requirements :

Inorder to follow this method, you need to root your phone first. To do so, please use this tutorial : How to Root Lava Xolo A500. If you haven’t rooted and wants to install CWM, kindly refer to fastboot method.

Downloads  :

Download Recovery image from here : cwm_a28.img


  • Copy the downloaded file to the folder where you have set up ADB and rename it to recovery.img
  • Install Quick Boot app from Play Store.
  • Open Quick Boot and click the option that says Bootloader.


  • Your phone will reset now and after sometime booting will get stuck at the logo.
  • Connect your phone to PC using USB cable.
  • If you are in WinXP, open command prompt and browse to the folder where you have setup ADB. Or if you are in Windows7, right click in the ADB folder and click to open command prompt there.
  • Type this in the command prompt :
    fastboot devices

This should display your device name in fastboot mode, if nothing is shown, then you have to check previous steps again.

  • Type this command to flash CWM recovery to your phone :
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • It will show the progress and completion dialogue within seconds when it finishes successfully.

Now you can try if CWM is working.

  • Remove battery of your phone and reinsert.
  • Press Power and Volume Up key to boot into recovery mode.

You should see CWM now, otherwise try flashing again

Thats it!! Enjoy CWM on your Lava Xolo A500 :) If you have queries regarding CWM Recovery please check the dedicated forum or comment here.

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  • Kohn

    It’s in Chinese.

    • Jyothis

      Yup.. It is currently in Chinese language, but fully working!!
      Don’t worry, we will soon reward you with a translated version as many Devs are working on it.

    • Jyothis

      hey.. I have added some images to help you out throught the Chinese menus. Might be useful

    • Jyothis

      Kohn, check again now. An English CWM has been found :) Forget the chinese one and use this instead. I have updated the post with the new CWM. It has been tested working by many in our groups

  • Nidhin

    can u tell me to how to setup adb

  • Joachim B. Capiral

    It’s still in chinese :(

    • Jyothis

      Forget the chinese CWM, post has been updated with English version of CWM :) enjoy!!!

  • manu

    any news about english recovery…?

    • Jyothis

      Manu, English CWM has been developed upon popular demand :) check the updated links in this post. It is working fine

      • manu

        thanks man it works in my spice mi 435… :)

  • Damandeep Singh

    Download Link not working!!!!!!!